The HVG-44 Wrist Watch: Revealed

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We have the pleasure to unveil today the Haveston HVG-44 Wrist Watch - a mission years in the making, designed to represent the WWII US Wrist Compass of D-Day.

Navigation Through Time:

In the early hours of the June 6th 1944, Airborne units parachuted into Normandy preceding the main Allied Invasion of France.

Carried with them, was a specialised array of equipment designed to help achieve their mission objectives. Alongside the famous A-11 Wrist Watch, M1A1 Carbine and Cricket Clicker, can be found the “Wrist Compass”, an often overlooked disc shaped navigation aid seen in photos strapped over the sleeve or hanging on webbing.  


Wrist Worn Instrument:

Inspired by the Wrist Compass of 1944, the HVG-44 design has existed on paper since our very beginning. It was envisioned as a piece infused with history while conveying the fundamental feel of a wrist worn instrument. It was a design which we wished already existed, but didn’t.

The result of years of watch collecting, watch making, and museum visits, the HVG-44 design has been formed from the study and considerations of shapes and aesthetics, and a combined knowledge and reference of vintage military equipment and history. It features an overlapping balance of design evolutions, from the case profile, to the individual curves of the custom drawn number set.


Sweeping to Launch:

Equipped with an in-house designed case, bezel, dial and hand set, the HVG-44 has advanced through generations of prototypes and is currently undergoing the latter stages of preparation. As we gear up towards the final launch, we look forward to sharing more details and offering a pre-order option in the coming period. Stay tuned!

Warm regards, 


Haveston, founder

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