The Service Dial Coaster Series

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For collectors and watchmakers alike, the dial represents the character and identity of the watch. On show and with non of the intricacies of a movement, the legibility, spacing and typography takes precedence.

Well documented from the specifications most military dials were commissioned from, the evolving approaches in styles, materials and finishing can be observed in addition to the variety of warm tones achieved from naturally aged radium or tritium lume paint.

Usually locked away beneath a crystal and case, separating a dial during a service or restoration is a careful and captivating stage where you can view fine details and perspectives not usually permitted. 

The Service Dial Coaster Series is designed to bring a selection of the most iconic vintage military dial designs from the watchmakers bench to your desk or coffee table.

Constructed from detailed heat resistant silicone, each coaster closely conveys the character of its namesake design, and serves perfectly as a soft valet placement on which to rest your timepiece, or as a base to relax your beverage.




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