We're making a wrist watch!

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Dear fellow watch enthusiasts and valued Haveston friends and supporters,

We’re making a wrist watch!



A Moment of Time:

In a fast changing world, we have always felt horological history, and the story behind the engineering can represent a firm foundation of traditional values, and the exacting perseverance and resolve to define and preserve it. 

In watchmaking, timepieces, (and what they stand for) will often outlive us all, as they are handed down, or rediscovered by others, who effect maintenance and restoration. But we don’t necessarily need to know how to reform a hairspring to do this, as having a beating reminder on the wrist, and most of all knowing about history is the most valuable of all.


Our Mission:

Since our launch in 2015, we have strived to make designs which we as historical horological enthusiasts wished already existed, but do not.

Fuelled by a life long passion of military history, engineering and design, we have embarked on journeys along the Normandy coastline, explored endless museums, and dived into watch making with a mission to restore wartime tool watches. 

But at the core of it all, we have always had one goal in mind - a watch, and one particular design!


Watch Making:

Now, through years accumulated design and manufacturing experience and iterative generations of prototypes and development, we are now nearing completion of this design and look forward to having the privilege of sharing this with you all soon.

Warm regards, 


Haveston, founder

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