Here at Haveston, our designs are fuelled by a passion for Horology and History. As many of you will have seen over the years, we have featured various restored wartime timepieces and in depth watchmaking references, whether in posts, photography, or in product designs themselves.


This has been made possible under the tutorage of Jon Woods  - a watch maker and teacher who I have had the privilege of completing a 2 year course with, and who I have recommended to family and friends.

Through all my experience in education, Jon is by far the best teacher I have had! He genuinely cares about watchmaking, principle in engineering and keeps uncompromisingly high standards, (even in areas no one will ever see), with an ever evolving system to achieve it, whether in tools, practise or ethos.

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If you are based near London and have thought about trying watch making, or are seeking a watch maker to service or restore a valued timepiece nation/world wide, we now have the pleasure of whole heartedly recommending JonTheWatch, run by Jon Woods!


Whether you have an interest in horology, are curious about what makes a watch tick/ sweep without a battery, or are looking for a gift experience, the taster day is an excellent introduction into the world of watch making.

Working on a manually wound pocket watch movement, the experience of being guided through the process of disassembling and rebuilding a movement is unforgettable, especially when it swings back into life at the end!


If like me, you have a fascination with watch making and regular desks no longer felt high enough, a course of evening classes are available to bring you from manually wound, through to automatic, and all the way to a complicated chronograph movement (with some quartz too!).

Available spanning over Year 1 and Year 2, Jon comprehensively guides you through an abundance of watch making aspects, tools and approaches. It's an expansive exploration into the world of micro engineering in mechanical movements.


With such a variation of watchmakers across the industry and internet, finding a reliable and trustworthy watchmaker can be hard, especially as timepieces are often sentimental, personal and high value items. 

Having gained to confidence myself to work on my own pieces from Jon, I can unreservedly recommend Jon to take care of yours.

Jon offers a range of options and services and I have seen him work on timepieces ranging from irreplaceable historic treasures, everyday wear pieces, to prestige crown and moon brands.

Written by:

Alex S.

(Haveston Founder/ Designer)