We believe that a strap, roll or accessory should be synchronised to the historical aesthetic and service driven character of your tool watch.

We design products to enhance the horological  experience that we wished already existed, but don’t.

Our products are defined by a focus on original historical, horological and aesthetic engineered design.

Our products are realised through a process of meticulous design, generations of prototypesand a commitment to continuous refinement.

We look forward to serving you.

Alex S.

(Founder/ Designer)

on behalf of the Haveston Team

A brief excerpt from a product review feature at:

Exploring Time

Ashley (Exploring-Time): Haveston straps have a military theme throughout in both color and inspiration. Where does that come from?

Alex (Haveston): The vintage military theme for me represents a refined utilitarianism and focused service driven character. A monotoned dialled military time piece from the early 20th century is sharply legible and supremely purposeful, and just happens to look incredible! The aspirations and aesthetics that these materials, designs and stories hold are very inspiring. I also personally studied Engineering, so the transition from vintage aviation to space travel starting in the 1950s is awe inspiring and a testament to how far we can dream.

Ashley (Exploring-Time): One thing I really love about your designs is the floating keeper.  What was the journey like to finding your own unique approach to the hardware? 

Alex (Haveston): The floating keeper like other design features is part of a continuous commitment to always refine and improve our products. Back when we first launched, this involved months of prototyping, right until the very end, even though its placement seems simple. The current single pass approach found in our A2 straps was actually a strong contender even then. Overall, potential designs must qualify the demands of: “I wish it existed” and “if it doesn’t, is it good and different enough to deserve making”.

Ashley (Exploring-Time): What originally sparked your interest in developing straps…your “oh yea” moment of “I should really do this”?  

Alex (Haveston): The focus on straps was actually quite unintended and came about from amateur watch making, starting with a few 6498 and 2824 movements like most enthusiasts. After assembling my first few pieces and watching the balance wheel swing into life, I wanted a strap which captured a similar design character and thought “I wish that existed”. There are definitely designs and ideas beyond straps on the Haveston drawing board, but before we get there, instances such as picking up a NOS 1945 dated 17mm canvas strap have inspired other designs along the way. At the end of the day, it always comes back to that service driven purpose, regardless of whether that is to your community, family, or the world. Having a little reminder of that on your wrist is quite special.