Welcome to the new V2 Haveston website!

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Since our inception and launch in 2015, your support has allowed us to launch original product ideas from our drawing board to the website, that we as collectors and historical/ horological enthusiasts wished already existed, but didn't.

Along the way, we have expanded our designs, categories and collections with an array of variations and options which had far out grown our previous website.

As with the product designs themselves, we are committed to an ongoing process of refinement, and the new V2 website will allow better location, presentation and cataloguing of our growing product ranges and sub options. 

With this, our popular dual set discounts are now available to all orders containing two or more straps, with the reduction applicable to all items within an order (excludes any discounted items or sets).

Our new Quartermaster Blog section will contain the latest launch announcements, detailed design annotations, and historical/ horological observations

As many of you know, after a mechanical movement is assembled, it is timed, tested and adjusted. Similarly, please bear with us as we straighten out and make the last adjustments as we get up and running.

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